Saturday, March 19, 2011

Citra Solv and National Geographic Tutorial

 Do you wonder what I would be doing with Citra Solv cleaner and the National Geographic magazine on my quilt art blog?  

I have been making wonderful embellishments and soon to be original fabric.

You won't believe how easy this is and how beautiful the results are.

National Geographic magazine, not older than 10 years ago
Citra Solv, in the bottle, but not the spray
old paint brush, I used one of my kids brushes
small container to be thrown out after
old newspapers
transfer paper to transfer image to fabric, or whatever method you prefer

Gather your citra solv, small container, magazine and brush.   Pour  a small amount of the citra solv into the bottom of the container.

Opening the magazine, skip past the beginning pages, end pages and any pages with text.  They don't work.   You are only going to want to paint the pictures that take up either the whole page or a good chunk of it. 

When you find some photos, simply dip your brush in the citra solv and paint the picture.  Continue through the magazine painting pictures as you go.

Once you have finished painting the book, close it up and leave for 20-30 minutes.  Check every 10 minutes to ensure things are working.  You should start to see the pictures looking similar to mine below.

When you get to the point that you are really loving the pages, simply rip them out and let them dry on old newspapers.

Once your gorgeous creations have dried, they will be ready to use.   I plan to get some of that photo transfer paper and scan my pages in and print them onto the paper and iron them on fabric.  I will also try and run the fabric sheets through the printer too.  
I plan to make a few small art quilts and stitch right onto the paper.  

Here are some samples of my work.

I have not forgotten about doing a post on how I attach the lego to my art quilts either.  

Is anyone going to give this citra solv tutorial a try, or is anyone interested in winning some of these art sheets?


Brooke said...

Wow! What a cool idea! You are way more brave than I. I love seeing what you are up to!

Mama Pea said...

That is very cool. Would be great for collage, too! I have not heard of that cleaning product. Now, I'll have to look for it!

gill said...

This looks great fun!! but what is citra solv?????? Will I find it in the UK???

Aimee said...

Very cool. That will, make some amazing fabric :)

Linda said...

Very interesting technique Jackie.
And no I didn't copy your background - I just changed mine today before I came here! What a coincidence!

Anonymous said...

Those turned out looking so incredible....I've never seen or heard of doing that before. I really like how they ended up. My daughter likes doing things like that on her stuff. Thanks for sharing - really neat!
Jacque in SC

Linda H said...

Wow! Those pages/sheets are really neat! I'd be interested in a draw for a sheet if you have one... I've never seen Citrasolv...? Is it something I'd find at the supermarket? Who is it made by?

My Sweet Prairie said...

Those look amazing! wow... That's one thing I have a hard time with is making good backgrounds for pieces. Awesome.
~Monika in Saskatoon

My Sweet Prairie said...

so... I'm interested if you are giving these away. (you asked...)
: )

Judi said...

Hi, Jackie! I am a new follower and found this work with National Geographic and Citra Solv absolutely amazing. The colours are awesome. I will have to give this a try. Thanks for sharing.

Riel Nason said...

Neato!! Definitely a cool result!

SarahVee said...

Really love the look of these photos after you have played with them! Of course I'd like one;)
I think I'll ask what Citra Solv is too. I may have to browse my cleaning aisle.

Kayle said...

Hi everybody! I love doing these CitraSolv pages too. You can go to for more info. In the US, it's sold in natural food stores like Whole Foods and the like. Or can be ordered online.