Meet Maud

Let me introduce you to Maud.

In 2017, I sat down with my sketch book and drew out a girl. Shortly thereafter I put fabric under my machine and for the first time did thread sketching. And in that moment, Maud came to life.

As each piece gets created it brings out the personality of this vivacious girl. She is still young but I can tell you she lives on a farm, in a fairly remote place, and loves nature and all things wholesome. She has spirit and is strong willed. As her quilts get made, her story unfolds.

Meet Maud
This is the original quilt of Maud. Her story begins here. She is waiting with her suitcase to see what life will bring to her and what she will bring to the world. There is so much of Maud's personality in this tiny little quilt. Pink is her favourite colour and she loves polka dots. She isn't a fancy gal but likes to try and look her best. She is most comfortable in the middle of nature by herself. 

Maud lives in an area that is filled with oak and maple trees. Each fall the forest is filled with the colour of autumn. On those warm fall days, Maud will take her rake and gather up a big beautiful pile of leaves to play in. 

Like any amazing woman, Maud loves to sew, taught by her mother, she sews her own clothes and makes quilts for the beds and mends when needed. This little quilt has words free motion quilted into the background, a subtle touch to  show a bit more of Maud. 

You often will find Maud with a great big white standard poodle by her side. Long walks on the trails at her farm while her dog runs along beside her or on a leash as they walk into town is a common site in her village. 

The imagination of Maud is one of a kind. The red mushrooms she finds intrigue her to make her wonder how big they could grow and could she stand right under one. Of course they would have to be full of polka dots!

Maud has a slight obsession with making hexies or fabric hexagons yet doesn't know what to do with them. She makes them out of circles and can make one hexie in 20 seconds!  Check out a fast and fun 2 minute tutorial on how to make them here. Currently she has a stash of over 100! 

Maud realizes that life is short and she should do what she enjoys as much as she can. Recently she came across a beautiful quote from the former First Lady Michelle Obama that stated 'When they go low, we go high.' Maud was captivated by that sentence and has tried to learn to work with that in her daily life. 

As a child, Maud learned to skip and every so often will grab her rope and go and do it, to remember it is okay to have fun and be childish. 

Maud loves nothing more than putting on her pink polka dot sundress, grabbing her matching bag and heading out for a stroll under the blue sky!  That is perfection to her. 

Maud loves her ribbon skirt as it makes it 3D and swirls and swishes in the wind! She wears it at her farm when she is walking in the wild flowers. Of course it had to be of pink polka dots!

Check back often as the gallery of Maud grows!

Other Thread Sketch Quilts

Owl on a tree drawn on fabric then thread work done.

Little Current Swing Bridge
Only one of two ways to get to Manitoulin Island Ontario Canada is by crossing on the swing bridge or by ferry. 

Inspired by a colouring page, the flower was drawn with pencil on fabric and then coloured in with thread. 

Having a little fun with thread and my machine!


Unknown said...

Love the Maud Quilts

The Joyful Quilter said...

Love, love, LOVE your journey with Maud!!!

Unknown said...

Maud is adorable. Thanks for sharing her with us.