Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Fast and Easy Aprons on my Janome Memory Craft 9400

I love quick and easy gifts to give to coworkers, bring to parties or simply give as a gift.
With the holiday season upon us, I opted to make gifts for the cooks in the house. One that would not only be practical but make them feel festive and stylish.
This cute apron does up in no time at all. In fact if you get an assembly line going, you can do up a batch of them in a few hours.

hand towels often found at dollar stores, pick up some holiday ones or everyday ones

long strips of corresponding fabric


Cut a strip of fabric 64" x 2 1/2". You  will have to piece it to get the length. This is for a narrow band, if you want a wider band, make it 64" x 3".

Sew narrow ends under 1/4" to the wrong side.

Fold the fabric 1/4" on each long side to the wrong side and press.

Fold in half and press.

Find the centre of the strip and place a pin. Do the same with the top of the handtowel, lengthwise.

Matching the two pins, taking the long side of the top of the hand towel, place the towel on the wrong side of the strip opened up, about 1/2" in towards the centre.

Fold over the top half of fabric and pin along the strip ensuring the towel is tucked in  and pinning the fabric together.

Sew along the bottom of fabric catching the hand towel as you go. You can see I chose a fun decorative stitch from the 'Play' menu! It even tells you which foot (F) to attach to use with the stitch!

Enjoy your beautiful new apron!


Kate said...

How clever and easy peasy - thank you .... I'm off to the dollar store. :)

Rolanda said...

Love it!