Sunday, April 10, 2016

Free Pattern for Quilted Wall Hanging

Check out the free tutorial over at QuiltSocial that I created using Northcott's lovely fabric.
The pattern is done using 3 different blocks and can easily be used as a wall hanging, or table runner. It showcases different ways to do the stained glass technique in quilting.

Here is the first post, showing 2 blocks that are pieced using the stained glass technique.

The second post shows how you can use fusing to create a stained glass block.

The third post shows stained glass blocks with a twist. 

This post talks about arranging your blocks and some tips to help.

The last post talks about quilting the wall hanging. 


Westend Quilter said...

Really like the block with a twist, set in with the others! very versatile pattern!

CraftyViolet said...

Love the colours in that fabric! One of my daughters and I both really, really like purple a lot so naturally I fell in love with it! The block with a twist would really add to the wall-hanging too.