Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Camping/Travel Laundry Bag Tutorial

It is that time of the year again when travel plans actually come to fruition.  I have made a quick and easy travel laundry bag that you can take with you to keep the rest of your clothes clean and smelling nice as you travel!

Let's get started, I am using Riley Blake Fabrics, because they totally rock! I have used 'Pepe in Paris' fabric.

Outer bag:
2 fabric rectangles 17" x 20"

2 fabric rectangles 17" x 20"

Two 15" x 7" pieces of fabric

Spice sachet:
Two 3" squares
2 tbsp pot pourri

Two rectangles 4" x 5"


Sachet: Sew the 3" squares of fabric right sides together (RST), leaving a 2" opening. Turn right side out, fill with spice or pot pourri and slip stitch closed. Set aside.

Sew the 4" x5" pocket RST along outer edge, leaving a small opening. Flip right sides out and slip stitch opening closed.

Sew the 2 outer bag rectangles RST along one 20" side. Repeat for lining.
How cute is this fabric?  It makes me want to travel!

Sew the pocket on the right side in the middle of one rectangle of the lining. Sew on both sides and bottom leaving top open.
I just put a pencil in so you could see the opening=)

Place outer bag, RST, fold in half so it is a 20" x 16.5" piece and sew both sides. Repeat for lining.

Sew the two strap pieces RST at the 7" end. Fold lengthwise, each long side into the middle and press.

Then fold one long side over to meet the other side and press. Stitch down on both long sides.

Turn outer bag right side out, leave lining wrong side out and slip the outer bag inside the lining. Pin each end of the strap between the two bags 5" in from each side and tuck the remainder of the strap inside the bag.

Sew around the top of the bag, leaving a 4" hole to turn. Flip right sides out and slip stitch the opening closed.

Slip the spice sachet into the pocket and you are ready to go. When you arrive at your destination, simply put your laundry bag on a hanger, on in a tree if camping and you are ready to go!


Gene Black said...

Great Idea. I never thought of adding a sachet to help it smell nicer.

Rolanda said...

Such a cute and useful bag. Thanks.

Jo Ferguson said...

Thanks for a great tutorial on an adorable and useful bag.