Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Tutorial with Laminates

It is that time again.   The design team has another Friday tutorial up on our fearless leader's site, fabric designer extraordinaire Amanda who designed this funky laminate.

Sally, who is totally brave created this super fab art smock.  She has no fear of using her laminates and shows us how easy it is to do.


Laminates are the new thing in fabric these days.   They are so much different from the 'olden days' laminate.  These ones are soft and supple like butter.   They can be ironed gently on the wrong side.   They come in some totally funky designs.   And they can be used for so many more things than a table cloth.

Our design team is going to showcase just a few of the ways you can use laminates.

Stay tuned!


Brooke said...

Be brave, Jackie!

Snoodles said...

Can't wait....I've seen these, but I'm scared! I've never used them before - waiting breathlessly for the tut!