Monday, June 13, 2011

Janome Horizon 7700

Do you see this beautiful machine?  
Remember I mentioned I made 2 purchases while I was away at the National Juried Show?   The Electric Quilt 7 software was one...... and this baby was the second!  The Janome Horizon 7700.

This is my first purchase of a brand new machine ever.   Yes, I really did go all out, top of the line, the big shebang.   My most recent machine was a Janome and was 14 years old.   It still works like a top, but boy was it a pain to get a quilt under it to do free motion quilting.   But I love Janome.  I know, everyone has their own preference, and that is great.  Mine just happens to be the big J.

I just finished putting my latest quilt for Riley Blake fabrics under it and quilting it.  There was so much room, it was ridiculous.   And this machine runs amazing.   Of course, I haven't gotten through the whole manual yet, nor tried out all the feet that come with it.   I wanted this machine for the space and free motion quilting and I am not disappointed, more like over the moon elated!

Horizon (3 of 6)

It has the 'start/stop' button instead of the foot pedal.  It has that too, along with a knee controller, but I like the start/stop button for now.   And it has the wonderful needle down/up position.  I get to pick how my needle will stop when I finish.  Trust me when I say, I have had many a loose stitch while free motion quilting because my old machine always had the needle come up.  
This baby even has a tie and cut the thread button!  Yep, that is pretty cool.  I won't be using that when I am doing my art quilts for show, but for just quilting up some quick ones, it is a great feature.

I also got the table that the machine sits into.  And that is very nice.  It is covered with a super slippery surface so my quilts glide on it.  I put my other big super slippery table behind it and things are working well.  
Picture borrowed from the web until we have better picture.

I think I better do up a post of my studio soon, so you can see just how I create.

One last thing, I am reading that everyone names their machines.   Anyone have a great name for me?  There might be a little surprise for whomever comes up with the best name!


sbsudbury said...

Hi Jackie....I called mine Scarlett because that just happens to be my "alter ego" name and with the bright red front it really fits don't you think?

You could steal the name if you want!

Brooke said...

Love your new baby! Hope you have many, many days of creativity ahead!!

Anonymous said...

How fun! Congrats on your new machine! It looks like it's amazing for quilting!

I guess I'm not everyone...I don't name things. =) Just my kids/spouse. =) So I have no pointers.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Congratulations on that awesome machine, and the table too! Your wallet is probably a little lighter now! Hmmm, I do name everything: cars, sewing machines, etc. What about the Red Canuck? Isn't that what they call Canadians? (I hope it's not slang, or insulting!) Or Jackie's J-bird? Or really non-original, "Big Red"! LOL
Jacque in SC

jlk said...

I would call it Jan. Short for "Janome"

Linda Robertus said...

Great machine Jackie! I am a Janome girl too -have a very basic one but still happy with it... I was going to suggest the name Jan as well, but jlk beat me to it... How about Nomie? ;-)

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

It's Christmas at Jackie's!!!

Candice @ Made With Love said...

Looks like a beauty, Jackie! I'm so happy for you!!! :)

Linda said...

WOW! Lucky you!! I also love Janome - my name for the 5700 is "Lady J" and my travel Janome Gem platinum is "Baby J" of course.
May you have many beautiful days quilting on that beauty.How about Jackie's Joy? L

sandra said...

Hi Jackie I got an Elna a couple of years ago and it has all the same features as the Janome . I especially love the start stop button because it has made it so much easier for me to sew and also it is easier to learn to do free motion quilting. I wish I had the table like yours it looks excellent. I know you will enjoy it as much as I enjoy mine. Sandra Stratford

Beth from Maine said...

I'm selling my brand new Janome on Ebay for $1800. The same one you bought. I just like my Brother Innovis 4000 better.