Sunday, May 1, 2011

Trying Out New Blocks

It seems like tons of quilters are slashing and sashing their blocks in an unorganized manner these days.   I decided to give it a try with some leftover fabric I had.   

I took the orange squares and cut them in one direction, sewed a strip in, cut in another direction, sewed another strip, and so on.   I used curvy seams and straight seams.  

I think I would enjoy doing a whole quilt like this with solid and print fabric.    This means that I need to buy more solid coloured fabric.   Everyone talks about Kona solids, so I will look into that, unless anyone can tell me about another type of solids that are great to work with. 

I think results in all solids would be very fun too, depending on the colours.   If you were really ambitious, you could put a little embellishment in random spots on the orange sections.    Perhaps a little of my 3D things.... but that is for later this week!

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Lynn said...

I personally prefer Kona because the color selection is so good and the price is excellent (compared to prints). However, I know quite a few folks like the Bella solids by Moda.

jlk said...

That last block looks like tree trunks. I like it.

Mama Pea said...

That looks great! Nice job! I use the Kona but have seen the Moda. I just haven't tried them. I, too, like the lower price on the solids!

Brooke said...

Love your projects! I have yet to venture much with solids. Love your curved and straight piecing.