Friday, April 29, 2011

15% off Deal on Cool Stuff

Remember these:

Those fabulous little zipper pulls on my pouches?   Well, so many of you raved about them that I contacted the supplier of them, and guess what?

She loves you guys as almost as much as I do, and is giving a special 15% discount for anyone who reads my blog!  How cool is that?   The code is :   jabotquilt15
Jennie's etsy store is called Zipit.  And they have any colour and any size of zipper you could imagine and they are the really good quality YKK zippers. 

And this is where you can find the totally cool and funky zipper pulls.   If you are wondering, I bought the pack of 50 Kaleidoscope zipper pulls.   (and I am ordering more stuff too)

It gets even better.    You may say, what would I do with zippers and pulls if I don't know how to make those adorable pouches on Jackie's super fantastic blog?   Well, what if I told you that I was doing up a tutorial as part of my work for the design team?  And it is out of Sugar and Spice  (can buy it here at a super price from my design teammate Julie).    This is the hottest fabric on the market right now.   Might I add, I made one out of this fabric and it is on it's way to Salt Lake City Quilt Market and it looks totally divine!

What are you waiting for?     Go See Jennie and order some zippers and zipper pulls, then go see Julie and order some fabric, then enter my giveaway if you haven't already.


Jewel said...

Thanks Jackie :)

Mama Pea said...

Thanks so much, Jackie. I just placed my order! And I'm reblogging now!

Anonymous said...

I'm headed over there to see the zippers and pulls!
Jacque in SC

Marcia said...

Great Zipper pulls...thanks for sharing.

Rolanda said...

I was just trying to order some of those cute zipper pulls and it says that the coupon is not valid.