Wednesday, January 19, 2011

From Kitchen Sink to Art Quilt

Yes, it is the steel scrubber you use to really get at those pots and pans.   It has the most unique texture and feel to it.   They are just all little spirals intertwined together.  Quite unique when you look up close.
I used some organza and starch to make a flower and did a little thread sketching on it and attached some steel to the centre.  I then added some tendrils coming out of it and some little bits around the perimeter.   I may hang it above my kitchen sink!

As for my jacket.... you know when you should never tackle something when you are overtired, and you tell yourself that, but then do it anyway?  Ya, that was me one night this week and cut the pattern piece out backwards.   This meant I had to sew a whole batch of new strips together, then quilt them, then cut it the proper way.  After that fiasco, things went fairly smoothly... and now all I have left is to make some funky buttons out of polymer clay.   And find a model to take photos of it, as this juried show entry does not allow photos of yourself. 

I will try and post a few pics of it in the next day or two. 


jlk said...

What a clever idea! I never would have thought of using a scrubber on a jacket. It adds such great texture.

Mama Pea said...

Wow! Great texture. I can't wait to see your jacket. :-)

SillyMama said...

You are very talented despite your -39 weather!
Love your art quilt. So sorry to hear about your jacket project. Know all too well about those situations!

Feltsey said...

I make mistakes all the time, too. I try not to get too mad at myself--just sigh and fix the problem. I also want to see your jacket.

My Sweet Prairie said...

Hello! Oh am I ever happy to have found you & your lovely blog!! YAY! Very pretty stuff., Nice to meet another Canadian Fibre Artist!! ; )
~Monika K.
Sewing in Saskatoon