Sunday, May 20, 2018

Modern Bookmarks to Teach Kids to Sew and Quilt

Do you want to teach kids to sew and quilt but sometimes find the task daunting? Although there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a child accomplish a project and be so proud of it!

I have a number of tutorials on teaching kids to sew, but the bookmarks are probably my favorite for those beginner projects. 

How to Make Bookmarks

Supplies - enough to make 5
Scraps of bright fabric
Batting 10” square
Backing 10” square

  1. Take your scraps of fabric and with your ruler cut long straight sides. You are looking at about 10” long by 1/2”-2” wide.

  1. Begin sewing the scraps together along the long side until it is approximately 10” x 10". 
  2. Press well.

  1. On the 10”x10” backing fabric, on the right side, draw out as many 2” x 7” rectangles as you can, leaving a 1/2” space between each and not getting too close to the outer edges.

  1. Layer in order:
         Backing wrong side up
         Scrap top right side up

  1. Flip over and pin in the center of the rectangles to hold layers in place.
  2. Set the machine to a tight zig zag stitch and sew on the lines you made for your rectangles.

  1. Once done, cut out close to the stitch line and you have made your bookmarks!

Start enjoying using them! They have endless possibilities and make fabulous gifts! Be sure to send me a note if you make some!

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