Friday, May 25, 2018

4 Easy Steps To Create Friends Lists on Facebook and Why That Benefits Quilters

Do you have quilting friends and 'other' friends on facebook? And by other friends I mean those that don't quilt? (heaven forbid!)

I do have different groups of friends on facebook, and I was having some concerns that my non quilting friends were being inundated with quilt pics and my quilting friends probably didn't care about me asking what time hockey practice was for my son on facebook.  

Friend Lists

I did what every conscientious friend does, I created friend lists on facebook. With friend lists you can take all your friends and put them in special lists according to topics or things you have in common with them. And you can have them on more than one list. 

For example, I have a 'local' list which has all my friends in my community on it. And I have a 'quilt' list that obviously has all my quilting friends on it. 

Only Me So when I create a post, I pick which list sees the post. Sometimes I pick the 'only me' choice too if I want to save it in my feed. When would I use this? If it is a special post that I am sharing to my timeline that was on someone else's newsfeed that I might not want to share ie. a recipe or a great craft idea.

Are you convinced that friend lists are awesome?

Here are some easy steps to follow to create a Friends List.

How to Make a Friends List
  1. 1. Click  'Friend Lists' under 'Explore' on the left side of your News Feed.

2. Click 'Create List'

3. Name Your List

Enter a name for your list that will give meaning to you, and then enter the names of friends you want to add. I often just type in the first letter and a whole list of names comes up. Hit 'Create' when you are done. 

  1. Also note, you can go and edit these lists anytime and add or remove friends. And friends can be on as many lists as you want. 
  2. 4. Make a Post Using Your Friends List
  3. Now when you go to post the practice schedule for your kid's hockey or your amazing quilt, you can choose who sees the post. If you want every facebook friend to see that you just got your quilt juried in post, you hit 'Friends'. 

  1. Let me know if you like Friends Lists!

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Colleen said...

Hi Jackie. Do you know of a way to limit who sees the posts you “like” or comment on? I rarely comment on quilty posts, as I don’t want all my other friends seeing it.