Thursday, May 17, 2018

Pinterest - Why Quilters are Obsessed With It


Why are some quilters in love with pinterest? What are those pins and boards they spend all their time on?
Read on to see why quilters adore pinterest!

What Is It?

Pinterest is where people discover new ideas and find inspiration to do the things they love! Pins or pictures of items are saved to boards, keeping your ideas organized and easy to find. 

How Do I Use It?

1. Create a profile. 
Similar to facebook and Instagram, work your way through the profile steps. Here is a great 2 minute video.

2. Create a Board

To create a new board on your account, click 'Boards' button in the middle of the page and then click the big red '+' button on the page. Select the option to Create a Board and give it a good name. As an example, I created one called 'Beginning Quilting'.

3. Add a Pin
To add a pin to one of your boards, use the search engine in pinterest to search for  a topic you like. I typed in beginning quilting in the search bar and then hit enter. 
Hundreds of 'pins' or pictures will show up. By clicking on the image it will open up another screen to give you a close up and description. By clicking one more time, it will take you to the website the picture came from. 
As you hover over each picture, in the top right hand corner will be a small red box with a picture of a pin and the word 'save'. This will give you the opportunity to save the pin or image. You can also click on the pic and still have the opportunity to save it on the next screen. 

Once you click on the 'save' button, you will then be guided to see what board you want to pin your image in.

If you want to add your pin to a new board, you can create one directly from the drop down menu as well. Once you've selected the board, write a description of your pin. Your boards can be public or 'secret'. Secret means only you see them. I have used this when planning a surprise party and one of my followers was the person I was planning the party for, so I didn't want to tip them off on ideas I was collecting for the party. 

I love pinterest as I not only have boards for all the different genres of quilting, but woodworking recipes, gardening, you name it, pinterest has it! 
To get you started, take a look at the different boards I have created. 
One of my favourite followers is Jina Barney. She has a board for everything! 

4. Follow People, Boards and Topics

You can also follow people on pinterest and they can follow you. When you click on the image, at the bottom it will tell you who saved that pin to their board and name their board, you can click on their name to see their profile and if you like what they are pinning you can follow them. Or you can even just follow one or two of their boards if you like. Again, look for the red 'Follow' button on their profile and on their boards. 
Once you follow a profile or boards, on your own profile, if you hit Following, you have the option to look at the people, boards and topics you are following. 

Give it a try, although you may want to set a timer. Friends have told me they get lost on pinterest!  
Let me know what you enjoy most about it!


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