Sunday, January 11, 2015

Splashing Up The Studio and My Words for 2015

I was recently told that the walls in my studio are a bit plain. They are white with nothing on them, but I was thinking it was a modern look. Ever since that comment was made, my walls did look boring and stark to me, and it bugged me.

Last week I was wandering around a dollar store and some wall stickers literally jumped out at me. They were coloured dots and words I try and live by.  I snatched them up and yesterday spent time jazzing up my studio.

I am very happy with the results and thought I would share here.

On different note, I have been aware of several quilting groups that pick a word or phrase for the year for their quilting endeavours. I was searching for one, not realizing that there was one right underneath my nose on a bracelet that I put on for times I know are going to require a multitude of multitasking or a presentation or something that makes my heart rate go up. 
'Just breathe' are the two words that I use to remind myself to keep things in perspective and keep going.

Do you have a phrase for 2015?


Colleen said...

That sounds like a great phrase. And I love your wall art - the room looks very cheerful!

Eileen said...

Decisions is my word for the year.

Kate said...

I like how you dressed up your studio and 'just breathe' sounds like good advice. No sage word(s) for me ... I feel a bit like Maggie Smith in Hotel Marigold "I don't even buy green bananas"! :)

Rolanda said...

"Just Breathe", that is a great phrase that I could work by. Love the studio, pokadots, what a surprise. Looks good.

Renate said...

Wonderful way to dress up your walls. Word for the year? Hmmm mine is BEGIN, as in begin to begin, begin to finish, begin to play, etc. etc. Hmmm next year might be FINISH! LOL!