Thursday, January 15, 2015

3D Lilies

I did it!

I published my first pattern today on Craftsy. I have had so many requests for my 3D flowers, so I started with a simple one, my 3D Lilies.

I am very excited! And I have a facebook page called 'Jackie's Art Quilts' so if you want to like it, that would be terrific!

Thanks everyone for cheering me on!  It is so appreciated!


Kate said...

Love those lilies! Well done, you, to have the pattern on Craftsy.

Rolanda said...

Congratulations....again. I love the lilies.

Lauren M. said...

Glad you published the pattern now - we have time to make some for Easter! Thanks, they look beautiful.

Janine C said...

These are just lovely, I can hardly wait to make some.

jlk said...

I am so proud of and happy for you.