Monday, September 1, 2014


I took a little break, but now I am back and in full quilt mode=) One reason is I have 2 quilts in our local quild quilt show in a week and guess what.. I just finished one this morning.  The other one is about 20% completed.   Yes, I am trying not to panic.

The first one took 3 months of quilting. All machine and all straight lines, or as straight as I could make them without going slightly crazy.

Unfortunately I had to fill in the write up for the quilt before I had a name for it.  With me, the names of my quilts come sporadically.  Sometimes I know the name before I start, sometimes part way through and sometimes right at the very end.  This one, I had actually completed it and was bringing it back into my studio when the name hit me.   It is officially called 'Off Balance'. Sadly that is not the name of it at the upcoming show.

Now here is as far as I have gotten for the second quilt. 

If you guessed that those were flower petals for a 3D quilt, then you guessed correct.   I have 40 of them made and quilted.  I just have to actually turn them into a flower, quilt the background, bind and attach the flower=)

The background colour was a toss up between an olive green and a dark brown.  I went with the green.  I don't have a name for this one....yet.
When do you name your quilts?


Eileen said...

I name my textile pieces after they are fully completed. Sometimes I ask for help from someone who hasn't been looking at it for hours on end.

sandra said...

Hi Jackie it has been awhile but I haven't been well this summer and had to cut back on blog reading. I will always follow you because you are so creative and make some beautiful and very artistic quilts. The two that you are entering into quilt show are an example of your talent.
Blessing Sandra

Jo Ferguson said...

I love the name "Off Balance" It suits the quilt, which by the way, is a stunner. Sometimes I have a name before I even think of making a quilt. Sometimes it doesn't come until the very last stich is stitched. Good luck at the show.

Lauren M. said...

And both your quilts were wonderful in the show. So much quilting in the circle quilt! I aspire to try that.