Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Another Finish

As a board member of the Canadian Quilters' Association, one of my duties was to organize our annual fundraiser, the Trend-Tex Challenge. We have a silent auction at our national conference that starts next week.  I leave in 48 hours for it.   I was worried about time, so I made a cute bag as my wearable quilt.

Then when the entries started arriving, I started feeling guilty that I hadn't made something fancy enough, so I whipped this up.  The theme was 'Modern Ways'.

I did a plain white background and free motion quilted the whole thing in different stitches.

We also have a fun fb page, and you don't have to be a member to belong, we are always putting fun quilt trivia and news on it.   Take a look and maybe 'like' us.   It is under Canadian Quilters' Association.


Rolanda said...

Wow, that is amazing. the machine quilting is beautiful.

Gene Black said...

I Love the quilting on your "Modern Ways"

Jo Ferguson said...

Beautifully done! Have fun at the show.

sandra said...

I think other bags are lovely and the quilting on second back is so beautiful. I hope you have a marvelous week unfortunately things have come up and I am just not going to be able to come. I didn't realize that it was quite a distance to St Catherine's fromStratford.. I am disappointed that I won't get to say hello to you.
Hugs Sandra