Sunday, May 25, 2014


So craftsy......   do you know all it has to offer?   It really is a phenomenal website for all crafters.  I admit, I usually only get hung up on the quilting stuff, but I did spend some time in the cake decorating as it was so yummy looking!

Not only does it have a ton of online courses in all crafts and they continue to add more daily. But it allow you to put your projects on their site , like a show and tell, and there is a pile of patterns - free or to purchase.  

And they have blogs on all their topics that are updated daily!   Of course I am tuned in to the quilting blog.   And now even more so as I was honoured to be asked to join their team a while back.   I am up again with a new post on decorative stitches in quilting.  Go and take a look please=)

Decorative stitch in the ditch

If you have never been to it, go and check it out, it really is something to poke around in, and the classes are so convenient as you can do them when you want to.  

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Rolanda said...

I'm always interested in learning more about machine quilting and especially easy machine quilting.