Saturday, June 7, 2014

Free-Motion Background Ideas

Ever get stuck trying to figure out how to quilt your background?  Check out my craftsy post on their quilting blog for some great ideas!

I loved writing this post.   I used to be so scared when it came to quilting my top that I would end up dreading it.  But after doing a few and deciding practicing free-motion quilting isn't so scary,  I started to enjoy it and I actually got to the point I felt confident free-motion quilting and started to branch out and get creative.

leaf free-motion quilted onto background

You can to, go and check it out!


Gene Black said...

Wow. Have you posted that entire quilt? I would love to see the full quilt top.

Janet said...

I'm always looking for tips and ideas for quilting. Thanks for these!

Rolanda said...

That looks really complicated. Scary to start something and not be able to finish.