Friday, April 26, 2013

Funky Friday #

See that title?   That would look like I am going to start a series of 'Funky Friday' posts.   I might.   What I mean is I am going to try, but if I don't, then you can't blame me because I never put a '1' in there to actually start the series.  So this is just a tester.   (Really it means if I can't get my act together and commit to a weekly Funky Friday, you can't blame me=)

So what is going to happen on Funky Fridays?   I honestly have no idea, I just had the brainwave 15 seconds ago.   But it might mean I show you something fun and different I just made, and maybe show you a couple blogs that caught my eye.   I figure if you read my blog, you probably don't read anyone else's as nothing can beat mine, so it would expand your horizons if I highlighted a few.    (In case you are new, I am sooo joking=)

That pretty much sums it up.   You can't expect me to know exactly how it is going to go, being the first, I mean 'tester' of Funky Friday.

Here goes.   This spring and upcoming fall, I am doing a fair bit of travelling and really like to pack light.   Mostly so I can fill my suitcases with fabric.   That means I am not bringing slippers.  Mine are fairly clunky and big and would take up entirely too much room.   My friend Kat created this pattern and I made them in 22 minutes flat.   From start to finish!  

Mine are not as fancy as hers, but I used an old pair of stretch denim jeans and cut them up.   Yes, I wear stretch denim... really at my age, everyone should.  Anyway, they were perfect as the top band fits nice and snug due to the elasticity in it.  

These would make amazing gifts for people that go camping or travel alot.

I learned today that Quilt University is only running till the end of 2013, the founder died suddenly in February.

Here you can see the 2012 winners from the International Quilt Festival, better known as the 'Houston' show.   The biggest juried show in North America.  Also just as noteworthy, the show that has sent me the most rejection letters.   I am still waiting for an acceptance one.   Yesterday I sent in my submission for the 2013 show.  FYI, July 17th may not be the best day to hang out with me.   That is when they send their 'You are a loser or You are a great quilter' letters out=)  My husband usually finds a reason to 'work late' that day.  

Now as for a great blog to take a look ,.  Geta's Quilting Studio is filled with talent and inspiration.   She literally started not knowing anything about quilting and is now publishing books.  Her work is perfection and she always has great eye candy and tips.


Lynn said...

Love your slippers! And thanks for the link to the pattern. I just might NEED to make a couple pairs of these.

ritainalaska said...

thanx for funky fridays! great idea. like the denim slippers~i'll make some, too, though i don't travel anymore. i had polio 60 years ago and had episodes of weakness off and on and now that i'm older, all the time. my slippers wear out fast, so denim quickies should help alot.

jlk said...

You are bound to get in sometime!

Kat said...

I love them!
Been following Geta. She also does some cool stitching!

Kat said...

Where's your pink toenails?

Rolanda said...

I love the slippers. They would be great for putting in the purse for when visiting. I get cold feet

Jacque said...

Sorry to be MIA for a while....loved your last few posts! Warm hugs to you!

Mama Pea said...

You crack me up. Love your slippers. Those would be good for traveling. ;-) I don't think skedaddling in July will be necessary. Just sayin'.

M-R Charbonneau said...

I didn't know Carol had passed away. So sad! Thanks for the link to the slippers pattern. I'll have to give that a try.