Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Diva Denim Day

It is snowing again!  Seriously, can someone please tell Mother Nature that this is not the time to get in a fight with Mr. Snow.  Someone bring her some chocolate.

As you know I have my fabulous Diva Vest made and ready to wear.   I have already worn her to two trunk shows much to the delight of the ladies.  But I still thought she was missing something.  The back is all glammed up but the front just has spool pockets and the opening of the vest.   I decided that I should make something  beautiful, so that the Diva on the back would be proud of the Diva wearing the vest.

Here is what I made today.   Don't you just want one?  I used the Madhuri fabric again and covered the spools with it.  Sigh... so beautiful.   I am probably going to stop a lot of people in their tracks with my beauty now.   (Or they will be checking my sanity).

 And I had a little time to make these matching cuties.

Once I had my gorgeous necklace made, I dove into my denim and continued with my free motion piecing.

I have a few ideas of what I am going to do with the  blocks, but none are making me crazy with delight yet.   I figure if I keep at it, something will jump into my head.


Lynn said...

I think the Diva will claim you now. Your denim squares sure are interesting. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

Mama Pea said...

I do think the Diva will claim you now.

Give Mother Nature some chocolate. Snort. Good one! She seriously needs a kick in the pants!

Rolanda said...

The covered spools are just too cute. I am curious about the wavy blocks.

jlk said...

Can you please post a photo in your Diva finery? Those of us in PA need to laugh, I mean, be inspired.

judy kelly said...


judy kelly said...