Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Say It With Spools

Come on, don't ya just love her?   I would wear curlers if they looked like that!  She is my Lovely Lady, and I do love her.    Notice the fun free motion quilting on her neck and cheeks.   Her necklace is mini pompoms.

This whole art quilt is showing rebellion.   Who has green hair?  And if curlers looked like that, there would be a lot more women using them.   

Be sure to let me know what you think of my Lovely Lady=)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Tango with Toothpicks

This is my latest 3D art quilt.   It is made with toothpicks and aluminum cans.   The toothpicks are the flowers and arms and legs for the little girls.

The faces are buttons covered with embroidery floss.   The aluminum cans are cut and then designed with permanent markers.  

Instead of quilting to hold it together, I used floss and embroidery stitches in a variety of colours.   The edges are zigzagged tightly and covered with a heavy lace.

I am borrowing my friend's camera for the weekend, and it has much better quality than mine!   (Thank you SGP)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Look What I Got, Look Where I am, and Look What I am Doing

First, you simply must check out the blog:  I Have a Notion: Bling Your Thing.  Kelly has put together a fun little series of posts that you can enter, or just take a look.   Quilters that add bling to their quilts have submitted their work.   Yes, mine is there too=)

Now..........drumroll please!

Introducing Apple of My Eye by Amanda Herring of The Quilted Fish!  
Can I say that this is my most favourite line of her fabric yet.  

 It has apples, chevrons, flowers and yes, even dots!  Totally scrumptious.   It would be nicer for you if I actually took apart the FQ bundle and gave you a better look, but I can't, it just looks too pretty.
If you are dying to see all the fabrics, click here.

I have been holed up in my studio making some very different art quilts... here is a little peak at the current one I am creating.
Can you tell what I am playing with?
One more thing, I desparately need a new good camera to take pics.   Can some of you tell me what you use?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Embellish with Buttons

I am over at Riley Blake's Cutting Corners today doing a fun tutorial on all the amazing things you can do with buttons.   From quilts to bracelets, to brooches... go and check me out!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Frolic in the Flowers

Finished!   I love it.   It is a celebration of spring and colour all rolled into one fab little art quilt.

 Ricrac and lace make up the sensational stems and my 3D butterflies are having a blast fluttering in the wind.

There is a bit of your steel kitchen scrubber in this flower.  

There are a couple toothpicks peaking out of the centre of a flower like the filament on a flower.  (I did my homework=) 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Working, working, working...

I am creating as many samples as possible for my upcoming workshop.   I hope to finish this one in the next day or two.  It is my favourite 3D flower art quilt, I think.  
Here are a couple of glances at it.

So far I have used ric rac, lace, buttons, toothpicks, fabric of course, and vintage jewelry.  Pretty much everything but the kitchen sink.   Nope, wait, I did use something from the sink!   I'll show you that in a couple of days!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

3D Lace Quilt

Here is my completed 3D lace quilt.   The background was a pieced black and white top and I found it too strong, so I covered it with lace.

I then created 3D flowers, embellished with buttons.  Behind the flowers is more lace with a ribbon border.  

Ricrac plays a fun addition to provide stems, leaves, grass and the sun.