Tuesday, April 3, 2012

3D Lace Quilt

Here is my completed 3D lace quilt.   The background was a pieced black and white top and I found it too strong, so I covered it with lace.

I then created 3D flowers, embellished with buttons.  Behind the flowers is more lace with a ribbon border.  

Ricrac plays a fun addition to provide stems, leaves, grass and the sun.


Mama Pea said...

Very fun. I think ric rac makes a great addition to just about everything and for just about anything!

Snoodles said...

What a neat idea to "tone down" a piece of fabric, and add texture, too...hmmm, that one is going in my notebook! LOL

Brooke said...

Wow!! Love your ideas - looks grand!

Lynn said...

Love the ric rac and the way you pinched in the petals. Beautiful!