Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Look What I Got, Look Where I am, and Look What I am Doing

First, you simply must check out the blog:  I Have a Notion: Bling Your Thing.  Kelly has put together a fun little series of posts that you can enter, or just take a look.   Quilters that add bling to their quilts have submitted their work.   Yes, mine is there too=)

Now..........drumroll please!

Introducing Apple of My Eye by Amanda Herring of The Quilted Fish!  
Can I say that this is my most favourite line of her fabric yet.  

 It has apples, chevrons, flowers and yes, even dots!  Totally scrumptious.   It would be nicer for you if I actually took apart the FQ bundle and gave you a better look, but I can't, it just looks too pretty.
If you are dying to see all the fabrics, click here.

I have been holed up in my studio making some very different art quilts... here is a little peak at the current one I am creating.
Can you tell what I am playing with?
One more thing, I desparately need a new good camera to take pics.   Can some of you tell me what you use?


Auntie Pami said...

At first I thought knitting needles, but now I'm wondering if it's Pick Up Sticks.

Auntie Pami said...

At first I thought knitting needles, but now I'm wondering if it's Pick Up Sticks.

Brooke said...

See you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

elle said...

Toothpicks! I'm going to check out that fabric. lovely

ritainalaska said...

i can't imagine what you're doing, but have the patience to wait 'til you explain.
i have a nikon cool pix p90 digital and love it. a point and shoot, it's easy to use whether i'm taking whale shots or flying birds or flowers or quilts. it has a 25 digital power lens and a whatchama-call-it booster thingy that'll pump the picture up. it has in camera editing and will download via usb connection or a digicard. can you tell i love it?

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Can't wait to see more of this one.

Rolanda said...

That looks like pickup sticks...You are so clever.
My camera is a Kodak Z821. Takes great pictures.

Kit Lang said...

knitting needles? Pick up sticks? A toy spider? lol

Susan Being Snippy said...

is that some sort of loom?

as to a camera, I have two, the Canon sx210 is a great camera for indoor shots and for landscape shots and really good for pets, stops the movement really well, and my second camera which I FOUND (and did put a notice in the newspaper's lost and found with no claimants) is a Nikon coolpix s8100 which is the best camera I have ever had for low light and night time shots. But not good for indoors with florescent or other lighting. It is also an excellent stop motion camera. Both are point and shoot and easy to operate. i would not get the nikon if you plan to use it for alot of indoor pictures.

Mary Ann said...

Buttons and toothpicks???....:)

Faith said...

Toothpicks and maybe scrapbook notions (the button). I am fascinated ans look forward to seeing what you are creating with this.

Mama Pea said...

Pick up Sticks!

I'm with you, this is my favorite of Amanda's lines, too, but I say that all the time. I really mean it though!