Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My latest art quilt

I am busy working away at my latest art quilt and wanted to show you the early stages of progress.   It is 3D of course, and here is one of the flowers that is to be part of the quilt.  It is the size of my hand.   Very big!

For the background, I am using a selection of my hand dyed fabrics.  The fabric on the left is one of the focal fabrics in my flowers.   I love how the colours  of my dyed fabrics all blend and match with the commercial fabric. 
I am doing my own version of strip piecing them together.  I will show you the background when I have a little more done on it.   
I am contemplating selling my hand dyed fabric on etsy and would love your feedback on this.   

Now to make some progress on that background before my kids are out of school for the summer.


Cheryl said...

LOVE Love love it!!! Love that dimension!

Brooke said...

Love it!!! Hurry up before the kids are around all day, every day ;0

Linda said...

Such a lovely grading of pinks. They go so well with the focus fabric. Super flower!

Anonymous said...

Love the flower, and the fabrics are just gorgeous!
Jacque in SC

Mama Pea said...

Jackie, I'm having fun perusing all your blog posts. I really love these flowers and want to give them a try. Your dyeing looks like it's going just great! And I am so excited that your quilts made it into the juried shows. You are so awesome to enter them and to move forward! Good job!


love the flower where can i find directions to make one ? thanks it is beautiful