Monday, April 20, 2009

The Result

There was no need to workout this morning, as the workout my heart did all day in anticipation for my presentation to Council, was the same as a full fledged run. All in all it was good. I made my presentation, no one asked me questions I couldn't answer and they complimented me on how prepared I was.

They want to ask their lawyer about the legalities of initiating a pilot project within an existing bylaw and if he gives a go ahead, at the next meeting in 2 weeks, I believe they will grant me my chickens.

They, the little chicks, arrive tomorrow and will go to their foster family for the scheduled 3 weeks. I hope by the time this is up, that I will have permission to bring them home. It is a waiting game, but I do believe that I have council's blessing as one councillor stated that she would like to see a pilot project and the others nodded. I have gone online and found other municipalities doing pilot projects on various topics, so I cannot see it being a problem.

We are not going to start building a coop until we get the definite go ahead, and when we do, I will post pictures of their arrival.


Anonymous said...

so - now wishing that you just listened to the rest of us and didn't say a word?? ahhh good old council - always passing the buck!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if that picture is what your chicks actually look like? If so, I would ask for a full refund.

Anonymous said...

wow! Such a trail blazer, you! Good for you and can't wait to come visit your funny farm. BTW, it is way easier to ask for forgiveness than permission don'tcha know?