Sunday, April 19, 2009


Can you believe this is a door mat? I got it in Elliot Lake and am disappointed I didn't think to get my mom one for her birthday. It looks just like the quilt pattern, square in a square.

Tonite is the big night.... when I go before Council and present my case to raise chickens. I spent Sunday nite doing more research, and the past 2 days, practicing my speech. Crazy, I know, but now I think I am ready to answer whatever question they throw at me, whether it be about neighbours, pests, or the avian flu... did you know the dangerous strain is called H5N1, well I do, and I can tell you all about it, the effects in Canada and world wide. I can even tell you how many vials of the antibiotic to combat it Canadas has purchased. 23 million, in case you were wondering.

Yep, my homework is done, now I just have to present it and hope for the best. The late Dr. Jeno Tihanyi said that swimming the actual race is only 10% of the job, and 90% is the practice that takes place before it. So in this case, 90% is the homework I have done and the 10% is just showing Council my stuff. According to this logic, I should win=) I should mention he was Alex Baumann's coach, ya, the Olympic Swimmer that captured 2 gold in the '84 Olympics. As an aside, there is a painting in my house of him, autographed to me, wishing me 'all the best'.

I can use that tonight, Sasha!

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