Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cute Chicks

Did you think I was talking about myself with that title? If you pick out 6 cute ones, those are mine. Well, I hope they are going to be mine. I should know for sure in 2 weeks. We had a friend drop off 2 watering units and 2 seed units last nite. I just have to get them cleaned up.

Got my sewing machine back today, all tuned up and ready to start my next quilt. As soon as I get the focal fabric back from my son, who has claimed it as his own. It is very loud and bright. He is not happy that I have just sent his favourite quilt out to Saskatchewan for the National Juried Show. I then told him the other hanging quilt will disappear for a month to be judged for our guild's president's challenge. He asked me if the quilt I am going to start making is going to be sent away too. I can only hope!

As for running, just over one week to go, I have one more long run to do this weekend, and then I start to taper. I believe the point is so I have all this power and energy saved up for the big race. I just hear the word 'taper' and get excited, I don't care what the reasoning is behind it.

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