Monday, March 23, 2009

To Bead or Not to Bead

Let's start with that first. I am doing some beadwork on a quilt, well, quite a lot. I thought I had purchased several containers of this type, but was mistaken, I only have 2. It is going to be nip and tuck. I have reduced myself to looking between the couch cushions for any that may have fallen. And believe me, that is scary, you never know what you will find there. That is my quilting story to date, I am beading 1 1/2 hours each nite. I have 13 objects to do and it takes me that long to do one. I am hoping to be done in 3 weeks, as I am out some nights coming up etc.

Now I know you are dying to hear about my running. I got up early and headed to the treadmill. Ran my 3.2 km this morning in 20 minutes. I have got that one down to a science now. Mainly because I mentally don't lose my marbles for 2 km, and the last one is just a sprint , die, repeat, till I finish. This week I have to do a 5 km, and an 8km run, and am supposed to go away and I have a cold. I have to figure out where to get that 8 km one in... it is the time factor that I find difficult to deal with. How do you find that much time in a day with 1 or 2 litte ones at home?

Now you may be wondering why I have put a set of scales on this note. I have discovered something wonderful about non digitalized weight scales. I have been trying to lose that 5 lbs (well it did creep up to 10 a while ago, then back to 7), but I digress. I noticed that if you stand at just the right angle looking down at my scales, they could use an adjustment. For the betterment of accuracy. Do you see where I am going with this? So in an effort to be true to myself, I adjusted my scales and low and behold, had lost 2 lbs. Try it, you wouldn't believe how good it makes you feel! It almost made me forget my 6 pieces of date squares I had yesterday.
I can't wait to adjust, I mean weigh in next week!

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