Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring has Sprung

We were outside and could actually see the flower beds and upon closer inspection, my daffodils and tulips were poking through. That was so wonderful to see. Tomorrow the boys are heading over to 'grandpa's house to get out their bikes and jeeps. Every blog I have read talks about spring, it is like people haven't been out of their house in months and suddenly are able to get outside and enjoy nature.

And as for my running....sigh..... I did a 6.5km run yesterday. At the rate I ran, I should really just eat chocolate instead. Wait, made another commitment to a friend to lose 5 lbs in a month. Sigh..... why do I do this to myself?

What is wrong with not exercising and eating bad food? According to statistics, well over 50% of the population does? Why not join in?
I know, that would not be the example I want to set for my kids. I want to be healthy to watch them grow up, I feel better about myself when I am in a weight range I am comfortable with, I like the strength I have from working out and so on.... but it is okay to complain about it a little bit.

But I will tell you one thing, all those people that said they were going to be at that race on May 3rd, had better be there and running/walking one event or another! Cause let me tell you I would just love to pack in this training plan I am on and go back to my good ol' crossfit, but I am sticking it out, even if my knees fall off , I come in dead last, everyone laughs at my form and so on. I will finish my 10km run. One way or another. (probably cursing myself the whole way for not just signing up for the 5 km run, but getting talked into the 10 km one)

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