Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Not sure how to start this one, have alot to tell. I had an 8 km run to do this week as part of my schedule. It was supposed to be at the end of the week, but from Wednesday on, I am pretty booked up. Plus I HATE having something hanging over my head, I just want to dive into it. I skipped supper and got on and put myself in the mindset, not to try and sprint but to just run. I did do 500 m at one pace then 500 m at another pace to make the km go by. And here it is.... at 8 km, I decided to keep going and I did 10km! Yep ran the race right there on my treadmill.

Now I have to tell you, you may have noticed I have been somewhat negative about this whole running experience. It didn't hit home until a friend of mine said, 'You are complaining about running the way I complained about P---n---y.'
That really made me think, because let me tell you, if you knew this person or know me, you would have heard me talk about how miserable she was, and if you knew her, you stayed away. I made it challenging for you, you have to figure out the word and as soon as you do, you will instantly know who I mean. Thankfully she has a good sense of humour, and if she doesn't in this case, she gets over things really fast.

Having said all of this, there are still some negative thing about running that I do feel good getting off my chest. So I thought I would do it this way.


1. I think I will ask the race coordinator if someone can just run along backwards ahead of me holding a tv, cause I seem to do well watching 'Ellen Degeneres'.
2. Having a great physiotherapist does wonders, my knee doesn't hurt now.
3. I think I probably burnt alot of calories.
4. I took 12 minutes off my time when I ran the 10km once before in the summer.
5. It wasn't that bad.


Christine said...

What an accomplishment on the run and only PROS wow!

Jen said...

Great job Jackie! The 10 K race will be a blast in May!

Shiny Green Penny said...

Jackie is so awesome....I hope she buys me a nice present for convincing her to run. She is looking so fit and skinny. She is getting sooooo fast too. Did I mention she is skinny? Now I'm gonna have to get my butt moving or she's gonna kick it in a race! (great job on the 10km Jackie, I think that's just awesome!!) So, do you feel guilty for whining about me and the "P" word?????