Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fabric Picks

Okay, let's start this email off on a bright note. I took 2 minutes off my 3.2 km run today. I know, you may say, 2 minutes , how slow were you going? But I say, yahoo, got it done, improved my time and a good cardio workout to boot.

Took the kids swimming with a friend and her daughter today. Had a terrific time, then did a run and even a workout in the evening. All in all a good day.

I had hoped to get a quilt pinned together to get quilting it , but I may try and do that tomorrow, it involves laying it on the floor, taping it down and then pinning it.... all with 2 monkeys running around. We shall see.

Below is my most favourite form of buying fabric. I mentioned it before, but I wanted to show you the lovely selection I choose from. This is from the quilt store called "Di-versity", owned by Dianne Janssen in Pritchard BC. She just has the most amazing funky fabric ever. And this is only a small sampling of her store.

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