Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sense of Humour

My mom and her friends have a great sense of humour. So much so, that I always tease them for laughing more than quilting when they get together to quilt. This wallhanging was made for a friend of theirs moving down south. But they made a similar one that hangs in the Mindemoya Hospital as well.

I did a 5 km run yesterday, on the treadmill, and was happy about the time. Not because of what it was, but because I was able to work thru the fear of not having enough energy at the end.

Since running is a new sport for me, I always think I need to save energy, not go as hard as I might. Totally unlike swimming, where I know exactly how fast I can go for how long, to do the best I can in a race. I don't have that kind of control over running.....yet.

I have 5 more weeks until the race, so will continue to follow my schedule. At some point, I am going to have to abandon my treadmill and head outside. I am dreading that as I know my time will falter and it will be more of a mental training than anything else. But unfortunately I can't run the race on my treadmill=)

I am loving this warmer weather for a number of reasons. But one of them is I am outside more and not so tempted by walking thru the kitchen and eating whatever is on the counter.

Must get out there and enjoy this beautiful day with my family.


TerryLynnJohnson said...

Running outside is way better than on the treadmill Jackie! More things to look at. Anything that helps me forget I'm running is a good thing.

Shiny Green Penny said...

Get off the treadmill!!! I am so proud of you, I must say. Keep it up girl!

Anonymous said...

Put your treadmill on an incline of 1 and it better simulates running outside. Stick a fan infront of you on the highest level and you can make wind too. Yes, I know all the tricks. Are you shocked that I'm reading your blog? Put your tape on and hit the roads. Guess who?