Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Two for Twins

My mother in law loves me these days. In one week, I finished both rag quilts for her to give to a set of twins. I got the twins bamboo plates and bamboo forks and spoons from the 'Green Collection' store online. I haven't learned how to make it link right to the website, so you will have to google it until I figure it out.

Ran today, had to go hard as I knew the kids would only sit still for about 20 minutes. Yes, I turned the tv on, and that is how I knew I only had 20 minutes. Don't judge me! haha. Anyway, I took another 30 seconds off my time for my little 3.2 km run.

And my 'dear' friend emailed today and we decided on April 24th as the day we will have lost our 5 lbs. She wants to celebrate by buying clothing and I am not sure what I will do to celebrate. I am wondering if I lose the weight prior to this date, and then put it back on, is that still a win?

Tonite I started quilting my next project and am thrilled about that. I won't mention that I am already thinking about the one after that. I guess that is why quilters spend so much money on fabric. Not me, of course! I don't do that bad though, because I purchased a bolt of white fabric and what I usually do is pick a commercial fabric or two and then dye the rest of the fabric I am going to use to match my focus fabrics. And yes, the white fabric is much much cheaper than a commercial print fabric. So if you think about it, I am actually saving money. Well, as long as you don't think about it for too long!

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