Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Facebook Groups - A Group for Every Quilter

Social media is a love of mine. One of the best reasons is because I get to be a part of so many different groups that let me express my passion and see what other quilters are doing too!

Groups are the best way to share, interact and communicate with other quilters who like the same style of quilting you do.

Facebook groups can vary in many different ways. But they all have one thing in common, you get to post to a group of like minded people in whatever subject interests you.  Take a look at the different groups.

Open facebook groups
Open groups are public, meaning members can see the group and who else is in it, and can see the posts.

Closed facebook groups 
The name of the group, its members and description can be seen by the public but not the posts.

Secret facebook groups
Nothing can be seen by the public.

Here is an excellent description of the 3 different kinds of groups. 

How do You Find a Facebook Group for You

It is pretty easy actually.
1. You can simply type in a word in the search bar on facebook and see what comes up. Scroll down until you find groups and see what is there. I typed in 'quilting' in the example below.

2. Here is a second way to search for groups.
On the left side bar is a tab called Groups.

Click on Groups and that opens up a page that shows the groups you have requested to join, groups you moderate and groups you belong to. 

Here is where you can create a group as well. Look at the green tab on the right hand side that says Create Group. 

On the  top left hand side is a tab called Discover. When you click on that a whole new world of groups opens up! It shows you suggested groups based on your profile, what groups your friends belong to, local groups and recent interest.  Look at the top tab and scroll through to find even more groups based on different categories!   

Why Create a Group?
As I mentioned, groups give quilters a chance to show their own work, ask questions, listen and see what others are doing. Groups can also be fun to use when doing a quilt along or launching a pattern or getting ready for an event. They can be long term or short term. Groups are also great for a guild to get information or share rather than waiting for a once a month meeting, it promotes continuous communication and fosters growth and new friends! 
Groups can be deleted when they are no longer useful by the owner of the group. 

My favourite groups
I have so many different loves in quilting that I am guilty of belonging to several different groups.  And I love them all!  I learn so much from them and I do enjoy sharing my quilt work within the groups as well. 
I have to say this one as I created it=)  Modern Quilters of Canada, it is a closed group so you need to ask permission to join. 
Quilting in Canada is a larger group that shares so much in terms of different quilting genres. 
Art Quilts is a group with talent that boggles my mind. 

What is your favourite group? 

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Rolanda said...

I have 2 favourite groups. Quilting in Canada and FatCat Friends. Both are on Facebook.