Friday, October 14, 2016

Canada's Big Quilt Bee

In 2017, Canada celebrates its 150th birthday. As quilters, we wanted to celebrate in style, grand style! Our national quilt association decided that we would make 1,000 quilts to go to kids in care at Ronald McDonald Houses across the nation!

This is the cool logo Jill Buckley made! She is an amazing artist and a complete sweetheart to boot!

So we began promoting.... and then things went a little crazy!  Soon quilters from coast to coast were jumping on board.   We asked them to make a 'slab block' designed by Cheryl Arkison.   We named it Canada's Big Quilt Bee . #bigquiltbee is what we will use in our social media posts.

Jill Buckley also sent me some slab blocks.  Did I mention she has an incredible sense of humour?

I even made a fun movie trailer on facebook, that you can watch here.
We are inviting well known Canadians to come to the national conference in June in Toronto where we will host the Big Bee.   I have my three that I would like to come and am pretty much driving the committee crazy asking if they have heard back from them!

If you want to join in the fun and be a part of something national while helping kids at Ronald McDonald Houses... please join in!

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