Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Day Two of Leprechauns

I know...this is supposed to be a quilting blog..but I am going to do 2 weeks of leprechaun madness cause it is so fun.

This morning they awoke to letters from their leprechauns, Jeff and Eric. They were very excited and Jeff had managed to get out of the trap that was set!

Tonight they both have written letters and one has a new trap ready to go.
You will see that my youngest is still holding his leprechaun Jeff to his promise to take us to Ireland this summer!

This trap is in the middle of the room in the dark. My son often gets up in the middle of the night... I am wondering if he is going to catch himself or a leprechaun.


Kate said...

Leprechauns are serious business in your home - hopefully one can be caught and photographed to share with us. BTW are they naughty?

Mary Miller said...

That trap looks like a winner to me!

Rolanda said...

Just too amazing. Great imaginations.