Friday, November 21, 2014

Designing Away

I have my design wall filled with fabric, circles and ric rac... trying to get an idea that popped into my head, went down on my sketch pad as a very loose design, to turn into a quilt from fabric!
Easier said then done.  First the circles had to get cut using my Accuquilt GO, then the fabric auditioned.  Then more fabric auditioned because the green I had beside the pink was just not working.
And of course, then more circles had to be recut as they suddenly didn't match the green and pink.

Then I took a pic of that and went to EQ7 and started again. Here is one of my rejects, it just doesn't work for me.
It might be the colours, but I did audition a whole bunch, I think it may be the different widths in the rectangles as I tried to create my own version of a log cabin block.  Either way, it hit the rejection bin=)

So what do you do when you have reject after reject?   Okay, maybe you don't have that happen, but I sure do.
I go and find some inspiration. This video is so great for making me feel like giving up is not a great option. The caption is 'The only person standing in your way is YOU. Find something in your life worth fighting for and discover a FIRE within you.' 
How amazing is that for a quote?

Or how about 6 ideas to inspire your work routine. Love the creative ideas in this one!

One of my favourite blogs is a new one 'Find Your Lula'.  Now I will admit I have been to the retreat twice and this blog is a spinoff from it... and simply put, you can find what you need for growth and inspiration and organic thought here. Another disclaimer I do write for the blog as well. 

Tell me, what do you do for getting the creative juices flowing?


Eileen said...

As you, I simply get working. One idea leads to another. When I have problems, I turn to the design elements to work through the problems to reach some solutions.

Gene Black said...

I had to go and read some of those pages at your links. I discovered that I have NOT been doing what feeds my creativity.
In the past, I have taken time to wander off my beaten path and go on adventures. (It can be without leaving town, as there are probably streets you have never been down or else rarely - or a store you have never stepped inside.)
Seeing what you haven't seen before with no expectations is very freeing to the creative mind.

Rolanda said...

Sometimes just looking (and petting) the fabric will "show" me what it wants me to make but often I have the fabric and I'm waiting to see something that will "tweak" the creative process. I have EQ5 and often play with quilt layouts and nothing ever comes of them. It can be a fun way of wasting a couple hours.

CraftyViolet said...

I walk away from what ever is not working for me and go do something else. Luckily besides quilting I like to make cards, scrapbook, paint and more so while I'm working on something that is actually turning out some times a solution to the problem I was having on the other craft pops into my head. I have a different wired brain I think!

Kat said...

I'm taking time off till Jan 10 to rejuvenate, to do my thing, to watch hockey, to quilt my own and not because I have to.