Thursday, May 22, 2014

Quilt Market 2014

I finished my second trip this month - to Quilt Market in Pittsburgh!

There are really no words to describe the amount of fun I had and the amazing people I met.

I was lucky to hang out at The Quilted Fish booth with Amanda the ultra fabulous fabric designer, my dear friend Jana and my new and awesome friend Mary.

Here are two of Amanda's newest patterns.  This first one is called 'The Grove' and is paper pieced and how clever is she, you can watch a video to see her new way to do it!

This next one has captured my heart! It is called 'Deer John'.  Seriously, is she not the most creative person around?  I am making this one for sure.  I am hoping there will be a quilt along on this pattern.

One of the highlights of market is Sample Spree... the crazy frenzy of quilters buying the yet to be released fabric lines at let's say really great prices.  And the line up to get in is always huge.   Guess what happened when Jana and I tried to line up?

Yep, we ended up first in line! And when those doors opened, we ran in giggling and laughing!

Here would be another photo of us acting silly.  This is at the Riley Blake booth.  

I fell in love with two new lines coming out.  One is called 'Pop' and the other 'Wave'.   I mean I seriously need a bolt of each in every colourway.   I.AM.NOT.JOKING. 

This is 'Wave'


This is 'Pop'.


While I was there I met this gal who had donated fabric to one of our challenges for the Canadian Quilters' Association... she was the owner of FabricSpot, an amazing Canadian online store.  You really should check it out, she has great contemporary fabrics.  As an aside, she is looking for someone in the Toronto, ON area to do some sewing for her.

Quilt Market was a wonderful experience, not one I will soon forget. 


jlk said...

It really was so fun. Real life isn't nearly as exciting.

Rolanda said...

Looks like a good time was had by all. I do like that new fabric "pop". It sort of reminds me of lace over fabric.