Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Trend-Tex Challenge and Leprechauns

First, let me say that 'Lisa in Port Hope' won a copy of 'Kitchen Stitches', the book published by Martingale that has 2 of my projects in.    Congratulations Lisa!

I have been working away on my 'wearable' for the Canadian Quilters' Association Trend-Tex challenge.  I have sewn the outside of the bag together.  This is the back.  I went with the bright green fabric for the sides and bottom.

Excuse the clutter, I do quilt in a mess when I get creative!

Above is the front of the bag.

I started working on the lining and put in a few pockets for keys and iphones.   I even used the selvedge.

Now you may be wondering why I put leprechauns in my title.  Each year a few weeks before St. Patrick's Day, the leprechauns visit my 2 little boys and my kids try and trap them.  Over the years they have begun writing letters to them as well and for the past 3 years the same two leprechauns have come to visit them - Jeff and Eric.   They have become good friends with them.   My kids still try and trap them but they also are really nice to them.   

Last year they made them quilts.  This year they felt that Jeff and Eric needed beds.   Of course green is a leprechaun's favourite colour and I happen to have green on my cutting table, along with the rest of my Trend-Tex fabrics, so guess what happened?

This is my youngest son's creation.  The blue blanket slips inside the green bed to give him a very warm sleep and you can see how trendy that pillow is.  I wonder if I can enter this into the challenge as a wearable?  The instructions didn't say it had to be for humans=)

My oldest son made a bed but didn't want his leprechaun to worry about losing his top sheet so he ingeniously sewed it down on one side.

And just to show you how caring my kids are, they left food out for them on tiny leprechaun sized plates with matching sized cutlery.

The bottom left is green rice!   Jeff, the leprechaun turned it green while we weren't paying attention right before supper tonight.  The little stinker=)


What Comes Next? said...

your bag is looking great! Those sneaky little leprechauns! Your boys are as creative as you are.

Jo Ferguson said...

I really like where your going with the bag. However the leprechaun beds stole the show. I might try sewing down my sheets on one side. It would stop my husband from stealing them. There's nothing like the imagination of a child.

CraftyViolet said...

Your bag looks great but your boys stole the post this time. Very creative of them and hats off to you for encouraging them to create and play!

Rolanda said...

Too cute! What a amazing idea to have fun with your boys.

Lauren M. said...

This calls for a 'youth' section to Trend-Tex. Great work, boys! You too, Jackie.