Saturday, January 4, 2014

Welcome to 2014

A new year has begun!

I see that many of us take time to reflect on the past year of quilting and how it went, the successes and accomplishments.  

What I am most thrilled about is that I got published .... 6 times!   I just get the biggest kick out of that.   I think it is because it was on my bucket list for sooo long.   To see this dream finally come to fruition is very satisfying.

I was also very happy to have several of my quilts get accepted into juried shows both here in Canada and in the United States.

On to 2014.   Do you have your goals set?   Do you have a word you are going to try and live by this year?   I have listed my goals below.  In the past I have had a huge list, but this year I went short and simple.

1.  Juggle.   This is also my word for 2014. It is a different word to pick.   But I have taken on some new opportunities that require a set amount of time each week, and I refuse to stop pursuing my quilting endeavours as well.  Plus I have my two little stinkers that are always on the go.  In June I have the honour of taking on the Presidential role for the Canadian Quilters' Association, and know that will also be a big job. That is why the word 'juggle' popped into my mind as I feel that I am throwing all the balls of my life into the air and will spend the next year trying to keep them up=)

2.   Get published.   I know....  silly, but I just LOVE IT!

3.  Continue to create my 3D art quilts.

Having started the new year with the best of intentions, I also started it with the best of shopping deals=)   I hit a huge after holiday season sale on ribbon.  And we know that you should always stockpile so you don't run out.  

Here is what my ribbon looked like.  It was piled high, precariously balancing on top of each other and blocking all my drawers that were behind it.

After doing a little research on Pinterest, and enlisting the help of hubby, we had a plan.

We used the side of my fabric shelving unit and screwed in eyes (basically screws with holes), cut 1/4" dowel to fit and loaded up the ribbon.

Here is how it turned out.

Isn't it pretty?  Can you see how many circle ribbons there are?  My jumbo ric rac is in there too.
We are buying more supplies for 2 more rows of ribbons... you know... just in case another sale comes=)


Eileen said...

Thanks for being so open as to share your goals. Congrats on taking on a presidential role in June as well as thank you for doing this.
Getting published is a big deal and you should be proud! Well done.

jlk said...

Oh my gosh -- I love that ribbon and ric rac rack!! So maybe you can take on organizing my sewing room when you come in May. It will be so fun!

Shari said...

Great organization...looks really pretty. Congrats on your new juggling position. Looking forward to 2014.

Rolanda said...

You are the queen of juggling so you will have no problem. I love the ribbon racks. I had rolled my jumbo rickrack on a empty roll but I stashed it in a container with my ribbon rolls.

Kat said...

That's funny! I just did a big for me ribbon purchase for display but fabric is another story. Love your ribbon holder. My word is justdoit.

Renate said...

Congratulations on taking on the presidential role for CQA. Your creative spirit will add much to our national organization. Oh and about the ribbon the kids nowadays say...that's sick!!!

sandra said...

Hi Jackie
Happy new year to you and family. At 71 I don't have any goals except to live each day to the best of my abilities.
The really important things in my life are my family and friends and then my quilting which I have always enjoyed.
That is getting a little difficult with the arthritis.
Many blessing to you and your family!

CraftyViolet said...

Congrats on being published 6 times and the prez title - impressive. Love your ribbons and the way you organized it - nice.

I'm 66 years old and I had brain surgery 13 years ago and they were not expecting me to survive intact - they said possible major stroke and left helpless - Ha! I fooled them didn't I! However, my goal each year since then (and actually even before then)is to: see the family more often, think positive thoughts, do random acts of kindness and take the time to enjoy senseless scenes of beauty - and to quilt and create art every chance I get!
Happy New Year Jackie - make it a great one!