Friday, September 13, 2013

Having Fun At Quilting

Sometimes I can get a bit bogged down with deadlines and paperwork for quilting and don't actually have the time to just have fun and try new things out from my sketch pad.  
The other weekend, I just took the time to play and it was great!

Below is a piece of a table cloth with a very fun design on it, and I wanted to try a unique way to put a circle on.   I knew the piece would shift but didn't have any stabilizer, so went ahead.   The shifting didn't happen until I went to stitch the second circle that is all thread- then I got a big bubble=)

I am pretty excited about this, so have ordered some fusible interfacing and  think I will give it another try.

In October I am teaching a few workshops on my 3D flowers.  I have a few samples made, but wanted to make some really wild looking petals.   Below is what I came up with!

I think I have to make a point of setting aside time each month to just experiment and have fun.  Do you take time out to just play?


Joanne said...

Nowhere near playing every day. Am working on at least seeing my sewing machine everyday. Sadly I don't always make it. I am excited to say I signed up for your workshop in October. Looking forward to meeting you, as the kids say "for real". Joanne

Rolanda said...

I try usually but lately there has been no joy in my sewing room. But it will happen again, soon. I hope.

Eileen said...

I work best with a goal it seems. The preeure of a deadline gets me working. Often out of that come ideas an then the need to experiment.

Jacque said...

Don't get to play as much as I'd those "wild" flower petals! I enjoy seeing your "fun" stuff. :)