Sunday, August 4, 2013

How I Started Quilting Blog Hop

One of my very first online blog friends was Cheryl.  We corresponded pretty regularily back then and she has become someone I call a friend, even though we have never met.   She rose to quilting stardom pretty fast as she does some really amazing things with lights in her quilts, her unique comic spin on quilts and generally a pretty talented girl.   In her rise, she met Pokey Bolton along the way.   You may remember I had a gargantuan  slight idolazation of Ms. Bolton.  (yes I do know idolization is not a word, but it really does work here.)  Anyway, Cheryl got her to sign a postcard for me and mailed it to me!  Is that not awesome?

Now Cheryl has invited me to join her 'How I Started Quilting Blog Hop'.   I am supposed to tell you how I got started and hopefully show you some improvements I have made along the way.

My first quilt was a Trip Around the World.   I gave it to my brother for his camp.   I used POLYESTER!   This is a picture of a quilt I made shortly after that using all fabric from Australia.
Look at the free motion quilting on the back.

Can my stitches be any bigger?   And how big did I do the fmq?   Oh my it is embarrassing just showing it=)
This is the front of the quilt.. It is all fused and I didn't even quilt the fusing at all.  So there are big blank patches on the quilt with no quilting on it.  

I like to think I have improved, here is one of my latest quilts.  This one is called ' A Walk Through Time' and was juried into the National Juried Show in 2013 in Canada.

Here are the other awesome bloggers in this Blog Hop.  Go and check them out=)

 August 1st  Cyndi Souder

August 2nd Becky Glasby

August 3rd  Cheryl Sleboda

August 4th  Barb Forrister

August 5th Me=)

August 6th Tracy Mooney

August 7th Lisa Chin

August 8th Laura Krasinski

August 9th Catherine Redford

August 10th Sylvia Lewis


Carol said...

Your " A Walk Through Time" quilt is gorgeous!

Gene Black said...

;-) I would say you have made some improvement.

Cheryl said...

That's your first quilt? It's AMAZING! I'm so jealous. My first quilt was sooo ugly.

Sylvia said...

Thanks for sharing your story! I love A Walk Through Time!