Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Quilting Done!

I have spent almost a week quilting  and I finally finished it.   There are still threads to be buried, binding to be put on, and my 3D embellishments to be attached.  But I think the end is in sight.

I always get stuck on what pattern to use where and what colours to use.   Often I try and squeeze in as many FMQ patterns as room allows and use as many colours as the quilt possesses.   This time I didn't.   

I decided to just go with my gut instinct and hope to heck the jury panel agrees=)  I chose 2 colours, red and blue.  Okay, the blue is a gorgeous variegated blue.   

I used feathers in all the blue strips and circles and wandering flowers everywhere else.

The deadline I had given myself is December 1st as there are some other projects with pressing deadlines looming.  I will probably go over by a day or two, but hopefully not much more.


Kelli said...

It is looking beautiful!

Brooke said...

hmmm....I love your quilting!!! Looks divine!!

Linda said...

Your machine quilting is expert!
And what colour! Truly unique Jackie.

Peg said...

Fabulous quilting!

Caren said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

HollyM said...

What I can see is intriguing and I like the machine quilting. I always have such a hard time to decide how to quilt something.