Sunday, October 2, 2011

A New Art Quilt

I am working on a new art quilt.   This one had me stumped for over two months.   This is what hung on my design wall during that time.

I knew it needed more, so I took it back down, mixed up some thickened dye and created this.

I put red circles all over it.   Then it hung for another six weeks.  I stared at it every day, thinking it needed something else, and not knowing how to put my focal point on it in a pleasing manner.   I knew what I wanted on there, and have that part made up (3D), but did not know how to get the quilt to flow together and look good.   

Last week, after flipping through books for inspiration, it came to me.   I was a little nervous because I have never cut up the background of a quilt before.   I also knew this had to be improved.  I took a deep breath, grabbed my cutter and closed my eyes.   Kidding!  I did not shut my eyes!

Here is what I came up with.

I am happy with it now.   The darker blue is my hand dyed fabric and the lighter blue is a linen I had in my stash.   I learned quickly that linen can really fray... fast!   

I now have a strong design in my sketch pad, did some work in my Paint program and got some photocopying done.   I am ready for the next step... this consists of circles and ovals.   I do have a thing for them right now.   

Will keep you posted as I progress to the next step.   I think I am only a few posts off till I hit 500, so will plan a giveaway for that celebration!  One more thing, I started a Facebook page, if you feel inclined, can you give it a 'like'.


Kristen said...

I'm really interested to see where this goes! :)

SarahVee said...

Thanks for showing all the progress photos. I think your blue 'stripes' for lack of better term this morning, look great curved. It would look quite different if they were straight. Enjoy adding MORE circles:)

Mama Pea said...

Very cool. Thanks for sharing the process. It's fun to hear what people are thinking as they create. I learn a lot from that.