Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Baby GO! Tutorial

I have been using my Baby GO! non stop.   I love it.  A.L.O.T.  And when I am not using it, I am looking on their website to see what dies I simply must have.  Okay, it is all of them.   But who's counting?

As you have heard me say a zillion times, I love circles.    One of the dies I bought was the 2", 3", and 5" circles.  Did you also know you can sign up to receive their newsletter and you will get 22 free patterns.  You don't even have  to have a GO! to use them.

Cute?   This was made using my Baby GO!  It was so fast and so much fun.   The best part is that I can put a little star on the top, throw some little presents underneath and it becomes a Christmas wall hanging.  Or I added a few little flowers on it.  I left it plain, as my kids are going to decorate it for me.       That is another great thing about the GO!, you can cut out shapes and have your kids decorate wall hangings for each season!

Here is how to make one.

2 fat eighths of green fabric
6" square of red fabric
3" x 6" rectangle for tree trunk
23" x 21" for background and backing
material for binding

Accuquilt Baby GO!
Rose of Sharon by Sharon Pederson, #55045 Die
GO! Circle 2", 3", and 5", #55012 Die
Sewing machine
Cutting Tools

I used fabric from the Delighted collection from Riley Blake fabrics for the greens in the tree, the red balls and the binding.

I fused Wonder Under to the back of two 8" x 6" pieces of the green fabrics.
I used my Circle Die and cut out 9 - 3" circles and 9 -2" circles from the two different green fabrics. 

Fuse Wonder Under to the back of the red fabric.  Using the Roses of Sharon die, place the red fabric on the 1/2", 3/4" and 1" circles.  You will need about 20 circles.   You will see I also used a bit of the binding fabric for my circles as well.  

Fuse Wonder Under to the back of the fabric for the tree trunk.  Cut out a trunk shape.  I just free handed it.   Place this on your background fabric and begin layering the tree.  You will start with the biggest circles at the bottom.    
Continue layering the tree, alternating fabric, until you use up all your green circles. 

Add the red balls on top and fuse in place with a hot iron following manufacturer's instructions.

If you want the flowers at the bottom, then use the Rose of Sharon die, and cut out some flowers and leaves.

The red balls can either look like apples, or if it is near Christmas, like holiday balls.   If it is going to be for Christmas, add a yellow star at the top and some cute presents at the bottom.

Square up your background.   Quilt and bind.   I did circle quilting on the tree and trunk.   And a large stippling in the background.

The GO!  really makes things go smooth and easy.   What are the highlights of the Baby GO! that I enjoy?   It cuts circles out perfectly.  And it does it quickly.   It is so easy to use and small to store.   It is a definite time saver and makes my quilts look more precise.    

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Gene Black said...

Great idea for those of us who don't want the bother of putting up a "real" tree.

Stray Stitches said...

How cute!! Thanks for the great tutorial :)

Carolyn said...

I have a accucutter also. I love it. Thanks so much for the idea.
The Christmas tree is so cute. I havent got the circles yet.

Jewel said...

Yay... love it Jackie... I have hte circle die too. Now I know what to do with it :)

SarahVee said...

Your tree is so cute! love the trunk fabric. I see circles in my future:)

Shiny Green Penny said...

Fun way to involve the kiddies. How much space does the GO take up? Could I easily stash it away on the shelf (thereby hiding yet another sewing toy/tool from DH)?

Brooke said...

You really do know how to tempt a girl, don't you!!!!
Love, love the tree!!! Love your quilting too!!! Awesome!

VickiT said...

What a cute quilt Jackie. LOVE the Delighted fabrics used too. Thanks for the tutorial.

Connie said...

What a great way to use the circles! This is so cute, thanks for sharing!