Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sarah Vee

Imagine my delight when I got to meet my first ever blogger friend!   It happened this past weekend at our local quilt show.   I met Sarah Vee.   She just did the sweetest post about meeting me, and really made me sound great.  

Don't tell her, but I had to borrow her pic of us, as the one on my camera did not make me look good.   My eyes were half shut, I think I gained some weight prior to the photo, my face was bloated, my shoes were undone, and my scarf was tied around my head.   You didn't believe all that did you?  Just trust me when I say I did not look pretty.   I still think the camera added ten pounds.   That or I am slightly delusional about what I actually look like=)

Anyway, I digress.   I got to meet my first ever blogger buddy!  How exciting was that?   I am not the most outgoing individual, but Sarah was so easy to talk to and so very sweet.   

I have been following her blog for quite some time now.  She really is a girl who lives on the adventurous side of quilting.   She is always trying something new, and I mean always.   And she joins all these quilty things and actually finishes them!

So how cool is this magazine?


Guess who is in it?  Yes, my friend Sarah!   Can you say wreaking talent galore?

And when you go to her blog, scroll down the side bar, she is featured on the Selvage Blog and is a pattern designer for The Quilt Pattern magazine.

Right now, my favourite quilt on her blog is this one.   Of course there are circles galore in it... but the pattern is actually a bow tie block.   How cool is that?

Go and see what Sarah is up to, and tell her you dropped by.


jlk said...

That is a great photo of you! You look so tall and lean. And I love your hair! Glad it wasn't covered by a scarf :)

SarahVee said...

Jackie! Thanks so much:) We will have to get together again so you can get a better photo. I hope your readers {and mine} can read into our posts the thrill of meeting an online friend. It's a highly recommended experience:)

Mama Pea said...

Very cool. That is so fun. And by the way, you are totally adorable. I love your hair, too. I agree with Jana that you look totally long and lean!