Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Embellishing with Stamps and Buttons

Most of you know that every art quilt I make has embellishing on it.   My preference is 3D embellishing, but I do like using stamps and different techniques.

I bought a really cool circle stamp yesterday  ( I am also currently obsessed with circles).  
It is going to be for my current art quilt, to be used on the background, to give some variety to it.

I tried out several different ways to apply it.  Here are the results:

This one I put the stamp under the fabric and brushed Shiva Paintstik on the fabric.

I used the same method as above, but with a marker.

I used a brayer and put paint on the stamp, then stamped it onto the fabric.

I love buttons.   I use them on many of my quilts.   Okay, I use them on all my quilts.   But I wanted more from the buttons.  I didn't like that I was limited to whatever colours the buttons were and I had no say in the creation of them.   So I ordered a little button making kit.   Now I can use my own fabric to make buttons.   This is Riley Blake fabric, but I am also going to use my hand dyed fabric too.
How cool is this?

I am definitely using both on my quilt in progress.


Brooke said...

Wish we could have a playdate!

Linda said...

Nice stamp! I also like self made buttons - look so finished, and coordinated, especially on clothing.

Mama Pea said...

I like making my own buttons, too.