Monday, June 6, 2011


I purposefully didn't tell you about 2 of my purchases while I was away on my little quilting trip.   I wanted to get them working first.  I am getting a handle on one of them, so thought I would share.

I purchased Electric Quilt 7 software!   In case you are one of the few who haven't heard of this fantastic software, I will tell you a bit about it.   EQ7 is a computer software program that allows you to design blocks and quilts on your computer.   It lets you scan in your fabric as well as your photos.  

EQ7 has 5000 blocks and 5000 fabric choices already loaded into the program.  It has solid colours too.

Here are a couple of my samples.  They are all from the log cabin pattern.  Which one do you like the best?

Very soon, I will show you my next is just amazing.


Brooke said...

How much fun! Enjoy!!

All Things Beautiful said...

I like the first one best. The others mess with my eyes. That software sounds fun.

jlk said...

I like the first one. Have fun playing!

Anonymous said...

I like the first one!
Jacque in SC

rubyslipperz said...

O! I SO want to learn this software! My vote - 1st one =)


Kristen said...

How easy is that software to use? I've been trying to decide if I should or shouldn't purchase it. Looks like you are enjoying it so far! :)