Thursday, May 5, 2011

Winner and a Zipper Flower

We have a winner of the 5 fat quarter giveaway.  It is:

Glenys said...

I'm just joining. Really like the birdies.


I got my zippers and pulls today, as I had previously posted, and displayed them on my cutting table while I was working on a tutorial for my super favourite fabric designer.  

But every time I reached for my rotary cutter I saw this:

Now how can a girl, let alone a crazy quilt artist gal, resist that?   I just knew I could make something 3D with those supplies.   And we all know that I love 3D art quilts. 

So I put my tutorial aside, (shh, don't tell) and grabbed some zippers, a zipper pull and my glue gun.  That's right, I am getting artsy with the glue gun!   After a little calculating, a little cutting, a little arranging, and a few little burnt fingers with the glue gun, take a look at this cute  3D embellishment:

Come on, tell me you can't see that on one or two of my upcoming art quilts.   And for you crafty quilters, could you not just adorn this on the side of your purse, or why not right on your shirt as a cute brooch?  
I used purples, in case I made a mistake and didn't want to ruin my fantastic pink zippers... but you know what colours I will be trying next don't you?  

Just another little reminder that it would be so appreciated by me if you took the time to vote (yes, again) clicking on my right side bar, on the quilt under the text 'vote for me'.  

Thanks super cool peeps!


Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi Jackie, firstly, congratulations to the VERY lucky winner, and thanks for the zipper flower which looks fantastic!!! Hugs, Sandy. :)

Glenys said...

Thanks Jackie! Nice zipper flower. I can't wait! I've also voted for you btw. Thanks too Quiltin' Sandy.

Anonymous said...

Unreal! That is so cool, and really tells me I need to think of possibilities, and stretch a little! That would look awesome on a tote bag!
I'm voting for you each day!
Jacque in SC

Mama Pea said...

I said it before, I'll say it's so cutr! I gotta get started on my tutorial!

Linda said...

Cutest zipper flower! Who would have thought of that but you? I voted again, Linda